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always welcomes Visitors to

our regular Wednesday evening rehearsals.

Doors open from 7:30pm and

we start singing at 7:45pm.

Your first session is a free Taster and we are at Guildford County School, Farnham Road, Guildford, GU2 4LU.

We rehearse with backing tracks and a keyboard and the music 

score sheets are available.

There will normally be 12 rehearsals each term. 



Triple Harmony is a non-audition, not-for-profit Choir with parts for Soprano, Alto and Bass although a Tenor will also feel comfortable in the lower range.

You do not need to be able to read music but you will need to be able to

 access the internet and have a current email address.

This is because all communications are via email and we will send downloadable mp3 music files and pdf's of the music scores of our current songs,

once you have joined Triple Harmony Choir.


If you would like more details or plan to join us for a Free Taster session,

please get in touch through the

“Contact Us” page on our website:


or you can email us at:


or phone/text us on: 07494 408036


or visit our Facebook Page: Triple Harmony Choir

You are very welcome to simply turn up on any

Wednesday evening during normal school term dates. 


We would love to meet you and you can see what we do

and hear how we sound.

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Triple Harmony Choir

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